Shipping & returns

Where is my order?


Caterpillar Vapes has a long-standing policy of doing everything we can to ship any orders received before noon central standard time on the same day.  When your order ships you will receive a confirmation email to help you keep up with where your order stands in the fulfillment process.  You can also view your order's current status by logging into the website and selecting "My Account".  All orders are shipped from zip code 68134 which, due to being centrally located, offers prompt service to nearly every point of the country!

How do you ship Domestic Shipments?


All shipments are made via USPS though there are first class (up to 13 ounces), Priority mail (2 - 3 days) and Priority Mail Express (1 - 2 days).


How much is First Class Domestic shipping via USPS?


All orders shipped via First Class will cost $2.99 however if your order exceeds $50 shipping is free. 


Wholesale orders are rated by size and weight of the shipment.


How much is International shipping?


Shipping outside of the United States constitutes international shipping. Rates are determined based on the carrier chosen and the service from that carrier. There is no free shipping for international orders of any size.


Can I upgrade to Priority Mail?


Shipping upgrades are available and costs are based upon the weight of the shipment


How come my order only says 'Electronic Shipping Info Received' and there's no tracking information?



When a shipping label has been created but the order has not yet been received by USPS the tracking information will simply state that the information has been received by USPS but that it has not yet been scanned into their system and acknowledged as being received




General shipping statement:


USPS offers vendors and customers an affordable and timely shipping product however they do on occasion lose, misplace or damage packages.  Overall the savings on shipping costs versus FedEx or UPS is significantly higher though and we feel this more than makes up for any issues that may occur during the shipping process.