Joyetech eGo AIO Kit

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Joyetech eGo AIO Kit

The Joyetech eGo AIO Kit is an all-in-one kit with a 1500mAh Battery and a built in anti-leaking tank. The AIO Kit from Joyetech is a great upgrade from regular pen style vapes, and is a great introduction into Sub-Ohming if wanted. There are several coils available for the AIO Kit, including a Sub-Ohm 0.5 ohm coil, 1.0 ohm, and 1.5 ohm. The AIO Kit comes with 2 0.6 ohm coils and a Micro USB Charging Cable so all you'll need is e-Liquid to get started with this Kit.

While keeping the AIO Kit small, the vapor production and flavor are amazing! The anti-leaking built in tank holds 2mL of e-Liquid and the Stainless and Black version have a Max-Fill Line so you don't overfill and have it pour out from the top. The colored options of this kit there is no Max-Fill Line, but you fill it up to where the colors meet next to the glass. Filling and changing coils is simple, first you'll need to put your 0.6 coil into the tank. Simply unscrew the top of the AIO Kit, and there are threads at the bottom of the piece you just took off. Screw the coil into that bottom thread so that it makes contact with the battery. Fill to the Max-Fill Line or to the colored piece on the side of your new mod, put it back together and you're ready to vape!

One of the most innovative features with Joyetech's AIO Kit is that it lights up, with several colors to choose from. While the Battery is off (5x click on-off), simply hold the fire button and the light will turn on, click the fire button to decide which color you'd prefer, and click it 5x quickly to keep that color while you are vaping. 


  • 1x eGo AIO Kit (Battery and Tank in One)
  • 2x 0.6 ohm Coil Heads
  • 1x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Extra Drip Tip
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Warning Card
Denny The Magnificent 07-03-2017 03:20

HUGE improvement over the old leaking, gurgling, battery flooding junk from the past. Do your research by typing this product name into the YouTube search engine, and make up your own mind. I like this thing so much that I decided to write a review, which I have never done before. Thanks!

peggy 10-11-2016 23:11

Great product. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the type of battery it has. You have to run it all the way empty then fully charge it. The battery has a memory so no half charging. I use it as a spare.

Anonymous Valued Customer 16-10-2016 16:20

The only negative I have is that it does tend to heat up, so if you are a chain smoker, watch out, set it to the lowest air mixture, the vape is still great.

Jeanine Ruble 30-09-2016 15:40

This is the best e-cig I've ever had! I have 3 of them and I'll buy more soon. The vapor production is great and the flavor is delicious. It really brings out the flavors of all juices. If you don't want to take an extra bat with you, you are safe with just one of these. I also bought one ego mega and to be honest it's just too much for me but these are 100% perfect! Thank You Caterpillar Vapes for your products, superb customer service and hard work!!

KATHERINE MORENO 23-09-2016 18:37

I don't know what I ordered here. I did everything the directions said and when I take a hit off of it all the juice goes in my mouth! YUK!!

Mike Bloore 15-09-2016 11:48

I actually purchased this kit for a neighbor in hopes of weaning him off his cigarette habit. I did set it up and used it for a few days to make sure it functioned properly, and it's fortunate that I did, as the enclosed instructions are incomplete and confusing to say the least (the main reason it didn't get an excellent" rating.) There was no mention of the need to install a coil before using the device, and no reference on how to change tips.

The unit itself is quite nice - compact, nice draw, easy to fill, and easy to view the amount of liquid in the tank. I did put a dab of paint on the charging tip to show the neighbor which side needs to be "up" in order to insert the tip into the charging port - it is polarized like a USB port and will only go in one way, something that can confuse a newbie.

All in all, this is a great starter unit for someone not familiar with vaping…

Cynthia 09-07-2016 19:20

This is the best way to vape! Has a big hit for a little pen. The battery life is awsome. I vape like I use to smoke cigarettes. I can vape with this all day and night. I plug it in when I go to bed and then I am ready for a full day. I have been using it for over a month and have not had to change the carriage. This is the best in ever way and the price makes it an awesome buy.

Bob Mcwhorter 29-06-2016 20:46

This little AIO is the perfect size to carry, easy to refill and a charge lasts all day! It provides a great vape and you won't find it at a better price than CATERPILLAR! Immediate shipping and received it in 3 days!

VALERIE MINNICK 27-06-2016 16:05

The size may be small but the vapor is large! And you can adjust the airflow for best hit. It's so easy to fill and use, but the small size makes it easy to carry around. I charge it with my phone charger!

The best part is the price! I bought my first one locally for almost twice what I paid for the same one from CATERPILLAR VAPES! I liked it so much I bought my husband one and he loves it. Won't shop anywhere else now :)

Anonymous Valued Customer 21-06-2016 19:52

I saw this item in a shop close to where I live. I always buy everything from Caterpillar so went home and was so glad I waited! It was almost $15 cheaper than at the store I saw it at! It is really easy to use and has a great hit. I have been vaping for almost 2 years and this is a great piece to use. The all in one unit is fantastic and I will be using it from now on. Give it a try and you will be very grateful you did. Thanks Caterpillar for always being so amazing!

Anonymous Valued Customer 12-05-2016 15:11

I am very happy with this vape unit. It meets everything that i needed and wanted, not a big one but not to small either, I would say it's great product for just getting started,

Anonymous Valued Customer 19-04-2016 22:24

Same as the last review. I was getting ready to buy the Joyetech Evic Mini when this awesome one came out. I've been using the egos and this one is much better. no leaking, no juice in my mouth, and the charge is longer. It is louder and I do get a burnt taste if I use it to long. It seems to get hotter, but overall it is great.

webmiztris 30-03-2016 10:53

I usually use the eGo pen style e-cigs, but I wanted to try something new, and I'm glad I did. This hits so well, there's no leaks, it's so easy to fill, the pass-through is handy, the LED looks cool, the size is just's really perfect in every way. If there is any 'con', it's that it's quite a bit louder/more crackly when you hit it compared to the pen style e-cigs. I wouldn't use this it if I were trying to be discreet, but otherwise, this is now my preferred device.

4.45 stars based on 13 reviews