Fruit Mix Hangsen e-Liquid

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Fruit Mix Hangsen e-Liquid

Hangsen e-liquid is used for e-cigarettes and is a premium liquid produced through a tobacco extraction technique as opposed to synthetically created nicotine which originates in a lab.

Hangsen e-liquid is rigorously tested for safety and quality. Because Hangsen e-liquid uses a tobacco extraction technique, Hangsen e-liquid is able to provide a consistent, high-quality and robustly flavored e-liquid that meets the demands of even the most discriminating vaping customers.

The Hangsen e-liquid we offer is available in multiple sizes and strengths.

Lilliza 15-07-2015 12:16

Sweet, strong, good hit.

Nita Winders 11-02-2015 20:30

Cant do 5 stars because eve thought it tastes fruity it is so very heavy in taste

Ariel 22-11-2014 03:59

Awesome fruit flavor , very soothing and pleasant.

London 13-10-2014 18:19

I love this site. The prices are excellent and the service is wonderful. I get my supplies in 3 days. We have a store about 30 min. from my house but they are expensive and I'd rather use Caterpillar.

Anonymous Valued Customer 09-09-2014 09:12

I guess I am used to light flavoring, but this was just awesome! I will be reordering this, in a larger bottle. Highly recommend

John Collins 16-07-2014 23:05

Cannot get this in Baltimore, This is my first order and I
Will cotinue to buy here. Love the prices and Quality. This is the Best Fruit flavor I have ever tasted.

Ashley 07-04-2014 21:14

I like many of the fruits but this one is a fav.!!!

Anonymous Valued Customer 01-08-2013 19:13

Tastes like a good fruit cup. got in 16 mg has a medium TH. Will definitely reorder.

Anonymous Valued Customer 02-05-2013 10:58

Very soft fruity flavor. It isn't a strong fruit flavor but has a good throat hit and taste like a sweetish soft apple with other berry flavors. Really like this one!

Raymundo sandoval. 10-04-2013 18:11

I order 0 Nicotine, and your send me 6mg Nicotine so now what can I do to return those E.liquid because I did no use Nicitine on me .please I wanna keep order it from you in the future .

Anonymous Valued Customer 10-04-2013 17:38

This is my favorite one of all!

Tony 25-03-2013 04:52

I love it!Not strong and not sweet,just the way i love it!

4.5 stars based on 12 reviews