Congress Hangsen e-Liquid

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Congress Hangsen e-Liquid

Hangsen e-liquid is used for e-cigarettes and is a premium liquid produced through a tobacco extraction technique as opposed to synthetically created nicotine which originates in a lab.

Hangsen e-liquid is rigorously tested for safety and quality. Because Hangsen e-liquid uses a tobacco extraction technique, Hangsen e-liquid is able to provide a consistent, high-quality and robustly flavored e-liquid that meets the demands of even the most discriminating vaping customers.

The Hangsen e-liquid we offer is available in multiple sizes and strengths.

Anonymous Valued Customer 28-01-2016 03:16

the price made me skeptical but I tried the Congress and it was as good as the other brand I was using. but this is at a much much lower price. Great product!

LibraRob 14-06-2015 01:48

In my opinion the is the closest Parliament flavor I tried.
At 18mg in a 3ohm single coil cartomizer, I'd swear it was Parliament 100s. I tried Congress from another company and it didn't taste like a cigarette as much as this one does and the vapor on the exhale was a lot better also. I'm very impressed.

Larry H 01-02-2015 15:56

It has a full bodied flavor and a nice hit. Feels like you are really smoking something. Doesn't have the sour after taste you get with many tobacco flavors. It reminded me very much of a More. I just don't like More's. Nothing wrong with this one, I just personally don't like the taste. Found it was a good base to mix with some lighter or fruiter flavors to give them some bite.

Mark Hockenberry 03-11-2014 22:31

Wow, I found a tobacco flavor that rocks! This has a really nice woodsy flavor. It's easy on the throat, but at the same time has a great/smooth throat hit at 12mg. I would be comfortable trying this at a higher mg. Perfect All-Day vape!

Fstop 17-10-2014 03:20

I love the taste of cigarette tobacco, Congress is my favorite 0 Nicotine slightly sweet, tobacco flavor @ 87 days without a cigarette... Of course you can have yours with whatever, nicotine level you are comfortable with.
My all day vape is a mix of Congress with Turkish Blend.

Justin 23-01-2013 20:03

Light and sweet tasting with a hint of anise. Has a good bite but not as strong (mg) as i like.

4.5 stars based on 6 reviews