Caramel Mocha Hangsen e-Liquid

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Caramel Mocha Hangsen e-Liquid

Hangsen e-liquid is used for e-cigarettes and is a premium liquid produced through a tobacco extraction technique as opposed to synthetically created nicotine which originates in a lab.

Hangsen e-liquid is rigorously tested for safety and quality. Because Hangsen e-liquid uses a tobacco extraction technique, Hangsen e-liquid is able to provide a consistent, high-quality and robustly flavored e-liquid that meets the demands of even the most discriminating vaping customers.

The Hangsen e-liquid we offer is available in multiple sizes and strengths.

Jeanine Ruble 30-09-2016 17:31

This is the best coffee flavored e-juice I've had. I love everything about it, it is simply perfect. You've got to try this if you like coffee flavors!

Lori Andersen 20-07-2016 14:26

One of my many favorites. Smooth and not too sweet. As always fast shipping and excellent customer service. Without question the best prices anywhere.

James Shutt 19-09-2015 12:46

I tried this flavor because I have given up on tobacco flavors that fail to deliver. Not bad as far as taste goes.

Anonymous Valued Customer 23-07-2015 20:03

I normally like a tobacco flavor but really enjoy this once in a while. Not too sweet, just a light sweet mocha taste. Will keep this on hand. Also the price and service are unbeatable!! Ordered on Thursday and got it Saturday.

P Baileydawes 26-05-2015 00:42

Less bitter than the cappuccino--great aftertaste. Wish for a little stronger throat hit, but I have issues about that. Really good with Hot Cinnamon.

Judy Maynard 22-05-2015 13:15

I love coffee so I figured this would be perfect for me, and it was.

Sandy 05-03-2015 03:05

Great smooth flavor that hits just right! It is one of my all day" Vape choices. Thoroughly enjoy this flavor!!!

Anonymous Valued Customer 20-12-2014 14:34

Smooth, slight caramel, slight tobacco and slight coffee taste. One of my favorites!

Anonymous Valued Customer 14-12-2014 01:42

This is my all-day vape. Its tasty, smooth and has a good tobacco bite.

Suzette 09-12-2014 14:14

Really great taste! Just right!

William Schumacher 08-11-2014 17:47


BILL 08-11-2014 14:05

Nice taste, not bitter, smooth and cool vape!

kathleen smakal 25-09-2014 19:14

Love,Love,Love this flavor. Perfect blend of caramel and mocha. I will reorder. Great customer service and fastest shipping around !! Thanks.

Anonymous Valued Customer 24-06-2014 00:03

i got this kinda awful liquid from another site, i'm sure others like it but it wasnt for me. when i got this caramel mocha i added a few drops to the kinda awful liquid in my tank and bam! the flavor of the caramel mocha together with its high pg content totally transformed my kinda awful juice into something i could enjoy vaping. its sweet and nutty and it added a pleasant harshness i enjoy in my liquids.

Anonymous Valued Customer 14-06-2014 19:54

Great caramel, mocha flavor!! One of my favorites!! Will reorder!

Anonymous Valued Customer 22-02-2014 15:05

Just the right amount of caramel with a hint of mocha. Will reorder for sure!

marcol 17-02-2014 20:11

I used to smoke about 1.5 packs/day and have been able to quit EASILY by switching to e-cigs. Nothing, and I truly mean NOTHING else has been successful for me. This has been great because I never felt like I had to give up anything- still get the taste, throat hit and 'smoke' cloud without the stink, bronchitis, tar, and public shaming. I started at 18 mg, then dropped to 12, and now I'm at 9. (I got to 9 by mixing even parts of 12 & 6).
Caramel Mocha is a great taste and I switch between this and RY4 as my all day vape. Sometimes I'll add a bit of USA blend to it to cut the sweetness.
Also, Caterpillar is really awesome. Fast shipping, great prices and great customer service. Highly recommend.

debbie 27-01-2014 22:21

love it!!

Anonymous Valued Customer 15-12-2013 01:49

This reminds me of a Caramel Werthers. Great taste!

Greg 02-10-2013 19:16

Not sure how to describe the taste other than a light coffee bean" with just a slight hint of caramel after taste. Nothing is overpowering. Nice smooth vape.

I think this would taste amazing with some of the Hangsen French Ice Cream!

Anonymous Valued Customer 22-09-2013 22:54

Best if used with variable voltage units, fun to play with.

Austin 23-08-2013 16:33

I bought this expecting it to taste like a sweet caramel mocha frap and there is no mocha anything. It's 100% caramel and it's a weird artificial flavored caramel it gets old very fast. I even allowed it to steep (sit open) for days and the flavor is still disappointing. Do not buy this product.

Rogs 21-07-2013 15:30

Very nice done coffee flavor with just a small hint of caramel. I've tried a few coffee flavors from other brands, this one is by far the best. Smooth and nice vape. I also cut this with ice cream and USA blend and was really happy with the mix. Just a few drops does the trick. Enjoyed mostly on my early morning commute and late a night when I'm craving coffee but don't want to have trouble sleeping.

Jane 15-06-2013 10:32

Flavor is just right. Not too sweet and not too strong. Really like to mix with Storm. Gives a different sweetness that is still not too overwhelming. Sometimes I add a shot of USA 18mg. Really love the flavors and the nicotine is going to keep me off real" cigs. Not completely cig-free yet but very close.

gveejr 28-04-2013 17:59

After steeping the flavor was well balanced. The carmal flavor was not to overwhelming and had that carmal macchiato flavor.

4.7 stars based on 25 reviews