eGo CE4+ V2 Rebuild-able Clearomizer

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eGo CE4+ V2 Rebuild-able Clearomizer

The CE4+ V2 Rebuild-able is a very convenient method for all day vaping and replacing the coil has never been easier. Just unscrew the top e-Cigarette Drip Tip, center tank and replace the atomizer. No special tools or filling equipment is necessary.

This CE4+ V2 features short, quad wicks at 2.2-2.6 Ohm or 1.6-2.0 Ohm, a secure, screw on e-Cigarette Drip Tip, and a clear tank with eliquid leveled markings. This eGo e-cigarette tank takes 1.6 ml of e-liquid for an extended vaping experience.

Please note: There is no warranty, returns, refunds or exchanges on cartomizers. Unless DOA.

Anonymous Valued Customer 12-05-2016 18:16


Jean Burrell 14-04-2016 18:21

Even better than the products is the service. It's always fast and correct. Amazing. One of a kind.

Barbara 23-01-2016 04:52

This product is good quality at a good price and will keep you going a long time.

Clarence 05-10-2015 16:04

I'm pretty sure it me. And if I figure out how to stop it from leaking, following cleaning, I'll be thrilled. I put tape around the connection between it and the battery and that helps sometimes. Give this company, I have high hopes I'll figure it out.

Greg Snyder 02-10-2015 22:00

I've used several different ones, but this one gives you the smoothest hit. Easy to rebuild and fill. I give it 4 stars, and the extra star is for the outstanding service.

Anonymous Valued Customer 02-10-2015 06:43

Great products would buy again

Carole 12-07-2015 16:24

I am lucky I found this site. Since I live an hour away and have no car when I order I get it very fast in the mail. The prices are lower than what I have been paying and that helps me a lot. The product is much better than what I have been using. So I am really pleased that I found this site. This is the only shop I will be using from now on. I dont think I will find a better one for my smoking needs.

Michael G 10-07-2015 15:00

I bought this for a backup, and when I needed it- it failed. Burnt taste straight out of the package. :(

CV Response: Hey Michael, this is something that we can normally help with if you could give us a call. Whether it is low ohm, a defective coil, or higher voltage than the coil requires, we'd love to talk with you and help however we can!

Rick 09-07-2015 14:25

In my recent review I failed to mention that one of the clearomizers was defective and seller replaced it immediately. Great customer service.

Rick 09-07-2015 14:23

These units are the best -very easy draw and no leaking.

Anonymous Valued Customer 26-05-2015 01:57

liked the product but don't carry in pocket, bought 2 both broke off above the base will probably try more Seems to burn up the juice faster than my t2

Bo 02-03-2015 23:44

I like the service. People very nice and helpful. Quick delivery. E Juice tobacco favor I really like. Batteries I use last 24 hours and use it a lot.

NJW 11-02-2015 21:13

I am a beginner and I do like the fact that this fits the battery from the only system I have which was called Puff It works wonderful and does not leak

Also great swift service with my order

robbin morgan 07-01-2015 20:49

Tanks are great for the beginner - I recommend if your new to vaping - easy and cheap

fahmi mourad 24-12-2014 16:36

Before I talk about the product I want to say that the service is perfect as they were so nice I kind to me. The product is working so good I quit smoking cigarettes for 3 months.

fahmi mourad 24-12-2014 16:13

Before I talk about the product I wanna say that the service is perfect I like the customer service they were so nice I kind to me and about the product is working good I quit smoking cigarette for 3 month.

Aly 24-12-2014 02:53

From time to time, you will need to change the coil. This is easier, change the container. Easy maintenance, and durable

Angela Sheffer 23-12-2014 04:28

Fits my itaste and ego batteries. Great price and quality!!

Anonymous Valued Customer 26-10-2014 11:59

This clearomizer is easy to clean and reuse- I will never buy any other-

Mary Gillenwater 25-09-2014 22:25

Been using Caterpillar Vapes for almost a year now. I have no complaints on this company. They are fast to ship out your orders, if there is a problem with an order they always replace or correct the order. I would highly recommend them for anyone vaping. Only tried one other company and it was a big mistake. The clearomizer leaked very bad. Out of the ten we ordered at a low price six of the ten leaked and another was broke. Keep up the great work Caterpillar Vapes.

Rick 17-08-2014 19:57

After much trial and error, I long ago settled on the CE4 clearos due their convenience and capacity. Using only clear tobacco juice and disassembling and washing them out occasionally, I've yet to have one fail. In other brands, leaking has been the bothersome flaw. Hopefully, the Cat product will be better.

Anonymous Valued Customer 17-06-2014 18:30

I've tried another model I purchased at a smoke shop. NOT good! These are my favorites!!! I haven't had them long enough to rebuild them but glad I have that option!!!

Anonymous Valued Customer 18-05-2014 11:13

Haven't had it long enough to do a good review. What I can tell for now Very nice & well made, great hit, no leaks. I thought it was a bit pricey until I saw how well made it was. Real nice piece.

Ash 29-04-2014 00:38

I like these clearomizers by far compared I everything else iv tried they last the longest give me the best hit only problem is I'm always breaking the bottom part like it gets loose and then just breaks or if I drop it it's done fr but as of the hot part I love it

Francois 15-04-2014 13:03

I prefer that model, I've tried someothers but I prefer the screw on top instead of just a popping removable cap.

Miz Leta 02-04-2014 08:51

The clearomizer are less expensive when you buy them at Caterpillar. I like having different colors for different flavors. They are the same quality as the ones in the vape stores. Each time I try a new flavor, I pick up a new color to go with it. This is my 3rd order and I am still amazed at how prompt the delivery is. Seems like I just ordered and it is there! Well packaged too.

Miz Leta 10-03-2014 23:04

I like these rebuildable clearomizers so much! I like have a different color for each flavor. Can't wait till they get all the colors in stock!

Jane W 09-03-2014 15:28

I have been using cartomizers just because I didn't know what the differences were in all of the products. They are okay but I was looking for something that I could vape longer w/o having to change out. One of the customer service guys suggested these & I love them. I like that you can see how much juice you have left & I think you get a better vape. I love the customer service staff at CV!!! They are so helpful & friendly. One of the clearomizers I received wasn't sealing properly & juice was leaking out & they immediately sent me questions asked!!! Thanks, CV.

Anonymous Valued Customer 22-02-2014 04:43

This is one of my favorite tanks. It's my favorite color, and I really like the mouth peice

Jonathan Moore 18-02-2014 16:57

This rebuild-able clearomizer has lasted quite a long time under constant use and abuse. I liked them so much that I had to order 3 more with 9 extra coils to go with them.

Miz Leta 16-02-2014 17:31

I ordered 5 different colors so I could use different colors for each flavor juice. I am going to go back and get two more so I will have all the colors. These clearomizers are exactly like the smoke colored ones that came with my kit. No difference in how they are made. If I would have bought them at my vape shop it would have cost me more than $2 for each of them! What a savings! They way they were packaged and the speed of delivery was fantastic too!

Anonymous Valued Customer 16-02-2014 16:49

I ordered this product and it never actually came in the mail. A little upset had to go buy one elsewhere.

Roger P. 22-01-2014 23:07

This atomizer far exceeds the disposable ones I had been using and I appreciate the FAST shipping. I will order more items in the future

Missi 03-01-2014 21:09

Awesome product very Pleased with it fast shipping great.service

John Zola 26-12-2013 22:50

Some of my oldest cartomizers are 18 months old and still work like new with periodic and inexpensive coil changes. Very easy to maintain and clean.

michael moore 30-11-2013 19:42

I like this product, I like the whole re-build aspect of it.

Wendy 17-10-2013 11:31

Exactly what I was looking for at a good price.

Anonymous Valued Customer 14-10-2013 22:01

I'm really happy with this purchase.

EsOne 06-10-2013 22:10

A rebuildable clearomizer at a disposable price.

Decent vapor, doesn't burn (yet), easy to disassemble.

And comes with the awesome customer service of Catepillar Vapes. You've gained a customer for life!

carol 05-09-2013 17:34

now with the standard resistance--no more burning of sweet oil, love it

Mark 19-08-2013 01:47


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